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Why use direct mail for your company?

Companies and organizations have spent billions on other email delivery mechanisms Internet message last decade, often at the expense of traditional marketing methods such as direct mail. But somehow, e-mail did not live up to its early promise. Vendors that resembles a tried and true methods as "snail mail" report excellent results, often better than email.


According to the 2005 Direct Marketing Association (DMA) comprehensive study of marketing tools, email and generate a return on investment of these tools cheaper and faster direct marketing. However, only a fraction of potential customers choose the most commendable average company discount. And may conflict with federal law for sending commercial messages to people who have asked to not receive them. This is spam. If companies comply with the new rules, they can not spend their marketing message to the majority of potential customers using email.


Therefore, the operator "back to the future", reviving their marketing campaigns with new investments in print and sent to supplement or replace e-marketing methods.


Why direct mail


In an article in B2B Marketing Bulletin, a publication of the Business Marketing Association, consultant Eric Gagnon describes direct mail as the "workhorse" of any marketing program from company to company. "While the fashion these days is all about Internet Marketing - Google Adwords and email marketing program - direct mail is still the basis of most of the corporate marketing programs and business lead generation: where there is easy access prospects sensible mailing list that can be identified, and mailers to send them, there is a profitable marketing project waiting to happen ".


Direct mail is an effective marketing strategy focusing on vertical markets that can be reached by renting targeted mailing lists. Gagnon said: "The most important element of any project is the direct mail mailing list."


Increasingly, traders find that email is printed better materials for prospecting for new business because the merchant can access the full list, such as the customer's specialized magazine or members of the association. Rarely more than a fraction of the publication of the customer or member chooses to email lists based authorization. And "select" are most needed, such as job function, industry or number of employees, to carve out the best part of the list to achieve a certain goal, the names of which are still lacking. Vendors who want to reach almost anyone can become a client should use direct mail in their media mix.

For example, only 31% of InformationWeek magazine subscribers have agreed to receive e-mail, only 55% of the retail chains old, and 65% of sales and Marketing Management magazine. To reach all customers from influential industry publications, you need to hire this list and send a piece of mail.


The second major limitations as a cold call email delivery lead-generator. spam filter, email addresses change frequently, some e-mail addresses for the same person, the list of agitation and reliability in the distribution of email means that a significant minority of emails sent undeliverable.


In an environment where success or failure is measured in tenths of a percentage point each e-mail message fails to pass the recipient is an opportunity. Industry estimates show that the proliferation of spam filters has created a virtual minefield spam filter, trapping as many as 14-25% of messages by electronic media for legitimate marketing purposes. Sellers rarely ever know who did not receive their message.


Messages caught by spam filters presented email delivery rate. In other words, the recipient's email server does not respond to the sender informing him that the message has been caught by the spam filter. There are tactics that can be used to increase the likelihood that prevent e-mail spam filter, but there are no guarantees.


Not all the pieces are printed is a potential customer. Many direct marketing professionals recognize that direct mail can not reach everyone on the list. But there is no such thing as a spam filter in the world of direct mail and at least there are mechanisms for the post reports that part can not be delivered.


Ninety percent is the level of guaranteed delivery standard mailing list, but email delivery rates are generally high, too, and you only pay for the amount paid. The problem is not known how many were trapped by spam filters.


Rich Carango, vice president of marketing agency Schubert Communications Downingtown, PA, was recently quoted by DM News bluntly said, "There is a sense of acidification on how it work e-mail, especially because of spam filters." it also guide customers toward more tools such as newsletters and direct mail postcards.


Direct mail "is the back foot punch," Laurie Beasley, President of Beasley Direct, recently told an audience of Silicon Valley's most technology vendors. It is highly recommended to use and effective methods of e-marketing, which he says can be made available using certain techniques your company uses.


Magazine B-to-B in the edition of July 10, "a bright spot for the traditional media (forecaster Robert) Coen said, despite the increase in postal rates in January, direct mail in the first quarter increased 3.5% in the period last year to 20.6 billion pieces. "He said the new interest in marketing for better ROI encourage them to use the method of direct response marketing.


Many young people who grew up in the Internet benefits of communication via email or instant messaging, and never learned the mechanics - and benefits - direct mail. Having little experience with the complexities of obtaining a list of strategies, distribution, printing and direct mail creative tactics. This bias generation e-marketing tools often means that companies are not taking advantage of all direct marketing methods available to them. But the trend is changing.


DMA, representing mail, phone and direct response rates online marketing study in 2005 showed a significant growth in the use of direct mail company after several years of decline. In their review of 21 industries, from agriculture to computer, electronic DMA documented prior to a response rate of email 2,77% to 2,48%.


E-mail surpassed direct mail in this study as a lead generator 3.15% to 2.15%, but, once again, the results are much diluted by the fact that only a relatively small proportion of potential customers according to a list to receive email. A fairly high percentage of them into leads, but some statistics potential customer has chosen not to receive unsolicited emails.


In some important respects, direct mail email defeated DMA tests. the response rate of direct mail is even higher than email in the IT industry-oriented online and electronic products (3.14% vs 3.02%). email direct mail exceeded in other areas, such as contact Revenue ($ 0.18 to $ 0.85), the traffic generated (5.84% vs 1.54%), fundraising (5.08% vs 0.66 %) and direct command (2.20% vs 2.07%).


An article published in June 2006 in DM News entitled, "Mail Support BTB shift online," citing the direct marketing of mega Harte-Hanks SVP Matthew Rosenblatt said that, although the money flowing to the sale of vehicles Internet "mail is very strong, especially when used together with online strategies. "


DM News notes, "Mail is a better driver than e-mail when C-level executives are the target audience. At this level, this type of communication is best pieces of three-dimensional or personal letters that simple." Some direct marketers have found that younger workers are more likely than executives to opt in email list.


Steve Middleton, vice president of strategic planning for agency services of international marketing Publicis Dialog says "E-mail is still the campaign very effectively transmitted to the internal database mechanism of customer data. As for using external list however, the response rate has fallen dramatically in the last five years , however, list prices remained constant, the result is that the cost per lead for email has done so significantly, with many accounts smart our large, blue is used to using e-mail from your main lead generation vehicle, now we see the response rate and fees per direct mail leads that far exceed the results of email e ".


Sellers can take a variety of direct vehicles to meet the specific objectives of promotional mail: letters, packages, promotional items, postcards, brochures and publications such as newsletters.


Some companies have used newsletters as a highly efficient lead generation, increase cross-selling and relationship tool, powered by a global database compiled by listing brokers. Newsletters are often the most effective type of direct mail, because they tend to be released in theaters email brochure company. Office reached the goal - the first threshold of direct marketing campaigns.


Second, the newsletter often read better than the brochures because they are perceived as more information and a lack of promotion, contains client success using the services and products of a company, using attractive graphics and illustrations, the function of product information and industry news useful, directing prospects to web sites and can help improve search marketing. They may even have a PR persuasive value when sent to reporters, editors and producers who use them for story ideas.


direct mail: Using graphics market


A picture is worth a thousand words, not only in marketing. It is also worth a heck of a lot of money on improving response rates, say graphic communicators.


One thing frustrating email communication is the inability of the buyer to use a lot of images to present information, including complex information. E-mail restricting the use of complex graphics, download long periods of time can be embarrassing for the view and some graphics do not reach the goal of all.


Moreover, it is difficult to get any kind of response from the subject line of the email that you can get from an emotionally evocative image on the cover of brochures or publications working with interesting copy. With direct mail pieces, you can get your message in the hands of your target audience. The challenge with the email subject line is that you only have a few brief words, along with the line "to" the influence of two seconds maximum read or delete decision. At least with a piece of letter paper, a piece you put in the hands of the recipient and more "real estate" to convince them to open it instead of throwing it.


Restrictions on the use of graphics in marketing revoke communicators to use the important aspects of the marketing spectrum. In addition, it is difficult for the operator to completely control the final appearance of e-mail communications. Unless they are carefully code to ensure proper use of HTML escape sequence, the actual image may vary given different browsers. For example, question marks may appear instead of an apostrophe and graphic images varies depending on the views of the different monitor or output of inexpensive desktop printer.


By contrast, printed direct mail communications give marketers full control over the appearance of the final part - the image quality in the pulp. Strong visual power in our society is changing rapidly. Generations raised on television are influenced by visual and tend to read a lot of text communication. stunning visuals motivate prospects to read and respond to mail printed. Also better explain complex topics.


DMA studies also revealed a very high rate of return "dimensions" Mailings, defined as a form other than in a standard shipping is filled with letters and materials. In fact, dimensional direct mail shot is much better than the standard commercial mail marketing.

Electronic dimensional objects can be sent to describe the imaginative creative marketing campaigns, as a football or a conductor's baton message sent to executives with tie-ins. The average rate dimensional email response in the letter was 3.67% compared with 2.77%. Email generation dimension has yielded results leading to 5.4% from 2.15% for traditional direct mail.


Conclusion: Direct mail marketing method other increases


Direct mail is a key instrument in your direct marketing symphony, perhaps the most important. Most merchants support the shaping of each marketing results by improving the effectiveness of other forms. All instruments play together make great music, if skillfully executed and led by a knowledgeable and talented designers. It is both an art and science of choosing the right mix of media.


Each marketing challenge necessarily produce a single campaign. However, historical research and the experience of many merchants support the theory that the mail, call, email, if possible, and send and call again is a winning combination in the lead generation business in many business-to-business and consumer environment. Naturally, the price of the goods or services of a company, the more contacts you will need to support the sale. Therefore, the need for communication media orchestration.

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