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Direct mail marketing agency: an "early start" with sales letters.

Direct mail marketing agency

They call me a donkey, but I can not write a single line of copy until I wrote my first paragraph.

Unlike many successful writers, I can not follow the advice of many teachers wrote letters imply that I wrote the first response system because it is a tool that closes the sale. I can not start there. That's the last thing I wrote.


Then write to me are suffering. I can not begin anywhere else but at first. This, to me, is the first line of the letter.


So write "Dear [blank]." Then double press Return. Can I wait for inspiration. Or hunt for inspiration, depending on how much of my time.


I have an idea. My opening CRAFT as a question. Too arrogant. Press delete.


I begin with an anecdote. Too long to get to the point. through Backspace.


I quote Aristotle. Too dark.


Mark Twain quote instead. Funny. But it is not relevant. Clear.


I turned in the other direction. A statistic. A real grabber. But it seems that I preach, not a letter written by me to a real, live letter in perspective. So I remove it again.


Dipper through 3500 good joke for the speakers. There is no.


Maybe I should try to approach the conversation. Dipper by Wisdom Yiddish Yiddish Chochma. "The husband is the head - if your wife allows," I read. Now there is a great quote. But not to the letter.


Find books Forbes Business meeting lasted more than an hour due to deviate by an outline of Henry Ford and finished reading all the words quotable, none of them related to my topic.


And so on until I finished my departure. Just when I was sure I hooked my drive, I had the courage to write copy that will make the reader is connected to the end of the letter. I could not enjoy my trip until I know where I'm going.












email direct marketing agency says "All along, please, with 'more, please ..." in a sales letter "


When direct mail sales letter is more a

Page, you must type "All along, please ..." or "Please,

continue "at the bottom of the page? Of course,

there is no.


Expressions such as working against you. In each letter

that the ship is trying to staff,

conversation, as if you were sitting in front

You have a private conversation readers.

Writing "More ..." or something ridiculous

the bottom of the page breaks the mood and

puts you in the position of the seller.


Richard Goldsmith disagrees. Writers live popular books

e says that people tend to do

They were told to do, so recommend

for "All along, please ..." in the lower right corner

letter of several pages.


I say this is a board that belongs to another century

If everywhere. closing your readers know.

Your job is not to control the player to follow

read, but to force. you

borrow the tricks of the telenovela,

do not use a piece of silly and outdated directly

email suggestions.


Fans (or should I say addicted?) From Coronation Street,

Young and Restless and other popular telenovela

opera song each week for each episode

leaves with unrequited love, light

unavenged, unrealized dream or half a box

The remaining tissue. viewers should retune

next week to see how the villain meets his end at the right time

or hero to men or women, as

If today.


sales letter you need to move the player

Page in the same way. You can not trust

that letter you come back again and continued to read

Just because you say "Please continue" in

bottom right corner. You have to force them to

keep reading because they only

know how the story ends.


Wrote "Take it ..." You're under arrest

You remind readers that you sell

something, instead of mutual benefit

a conversation with the reader. also insulting Him

intelligence. And make your letter look formula

not original.


I recommend pages never ends with a period or

complete idea. Writing as if you have

stuttering. One way to express a reflection on the merits of the

Page and get the reader to turn the page

heard the final version. When possible, make

this sentence interesting themes and transitions

as attractive as possible. Goldsmith called cliffhanger.


If a potential customer you refer to many

price, then write on their price at the end

Maps, violating his mind in half and

continued on next page. If you have

Convincing testimony begins bottom

page and continue forward. Which reminds me,

What do you call a boomerang that does not come


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