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The biggest advantage of direct mail marketers

direct mail marketers

Email marketing can instantly change the whole philosophy of life and business. This may seem like hype, but it's not: it's exactly what happened to me and my wife. When we started our business, we build $ 300.00 - that's right, only three hundred dollars - an income of about $ 16,000.00 per month in less than a year. We do well simply by running advertising space in national magazines and pyramidal profits to buy more advertising to attract new customers - like many other small businesses still do. But once we started working with our mentor, direct marketing Russ Von Hoelscher known, we focus only on finding new customers and start pumping money available in sales to existing customers, the attraction by direct e-mail.


Within nine months we were doing about $ 25,000.00 per week using the mail Russ teaches. I know the job of marketing mail, because I am one of his many successes.


We used to rent Russ to come to our house in Kansas and worked with us on weekends. At that time, Russ made us pay $ 2,500 for a weekend time and experience. He was an absolute master when it comes to making money with direct mail, and I am honored to see the master of the work. We will look at the airport on Friday night and Saturday morning, we sat around the table and talk about all kinds of products and services to our customers may be interested as well as new promotions. Russ get excited about something we talked, and he began writing in one of the many laptops we were waiting for him there.


Meanwhile, Eileen and I sit in awe, looking to write fast and furious, as quickly as possible; and when he stopped, talk more, drink more coffee and eat good food. Then it will be again. He took all the ideas that we express and translate them into notebooks when I wrote a sales letter. When Sunday is gone, we stop by the typist home and leave all their points of reference for them typed and saved on a floppy disk. Then I'll edit the copy he wrote, sending the sales letter after our customers, and start raking in the profits.


At one point I said, "I want to learn how to do this" It took eight years to learn that, to my satisfaction -.. And I'm still learning is a lifetime of interesting process.


direct marketing seems simple, but it is not. Of course, it is just a matter of taking new ideas, products and related services, write a sales letter simply communicate your ideas, put them in an envelope and send them to their best customers - those who have already purchased something from you before. It was as simple as possible. But most companies do not. They do what Eileen and I did before I met Russ: continue to pursue new customers, not doing enough to sell additional products to existing customers.


Once we started to use direct mail to sell to existing customers, Russ helped us learn how to use mail merge to create a sales letter for new customers - those who are interested in the things we sell, but they have never done business with us before. It was then when they come to pay millions. an amazing feeling when you put together the first packages and mail orders began arriving is obtained. It is exciting, addictive, and profitable. Therefore see the main advantages of direct marketing, and why you should make it a part of your business.


Benefit # 1: direct mail jobs. It is like a recipe: Follow the instructions, and get the results you want. They forget that many others do not use it. Do not be limited by the fact that he can not work for you before. You do not know what you know by the time you finish reading this article.


Benefit # 2: It works for everyone, including small businesses. In its home market, it is likely that advertising will not be much direct competition, if any. You will have the opportunity to run beyond your competition and become the dominant company in its field. Even if you run a regional or national company, it is very likely that none of its competitors do what you can do with the mail.


Benefit # 3: direct mail marketing is targeted. You can choose the people who bought products and services similar to yours in the past. Most other forms of advertising do not allow. The most removal process of its ads to people who are not interested in what you offer, brush your message to people from all walks of life, only a small fraction of them are your best prospects. mail, it is easy for you to choose only those who want to achieve - and after reaching personally. It really sends a letter to someone, communicated by letter printed, one-on-one. Always act as if you have something special to say a special person. This is what makes direct mail is so nice.


Benefit # 4: Almost nobody knows this secret. If you know something of mail, usually very basic; understanding is to post prospects, usually a postcard. They could try, and found it did not work for them. Again, it is because they do evil. They do not understand the industry or methods - even the basics, not to mention the hassle. As the shipping king Aristotle Onassis said: "The secret of business is to know something nobody else knows" This is true of direct mail If you can learn to understand the direct marketing on the ground level, and.. is ready to focus their efforts on him, the rest can come later. a lifetime to master is required, but you can earn while you learn.


Benefit # 5: Direct Mail gives you an unbeatable advantage, an almost unfair advantage over other suppliers. This is a hidden way to promote their offers to your market because competitors can not know what you do. The only way they will learn is that if someone, or to indicate your mailing list in some way.


Benefit # 6: direct mail marketing is scalable, either up or down. With the first test, when you just start with an offer, you'll want to keep the volume low. If the market responds, you set the dial up, sending several rooms. If not, try another offer. Whether or not they are put to the downward scale may also depend on the market that is. If the entire Internet market and with millions of potential customers, even a small back can make it worth turning the volume. If you are in a small local economy, with thousands or tens of thousands of potential customers at most will require a greater response. Always check your number and try, and you can continue to grow your business.


If you do not think you can handle all the work yourself, hire more employees. This is especially true if you are a one man band, because their ability to grow is limited by its ability to execute. Let someone else do some of the work; act as the brains behind it, the person who leads and facilitates. This method works if the grass is cut for a living, a small shop of the machine, or if you are an electrician and you do not need to advertise because you have all the business they can handle this moment. Build your team deserves to be doing most of the actual work. Do not limit yourself by thinking small.


Benefit # 7: You can segment your customer list so that certain offers to leave only for a certain group of customers. Your best customers - those who spend the most money with you - get the rest of the customers offered; even in its customer base, there is a stealth sale happens. Another list even see an offer unless it has hit its best customers, who set up carefully everybody thinks it can buy.


Benefit # 8: You can make deals with more chance of success than most advertising methods. One of my personal heroes is P. T. Barnum, a founder of Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus. It is an extraordinary entrepreneur, he is involved in all types of businesses. Many good biography was written in men, and it was worth it to learn from his life - because he understands marketing at a deep level, which helped him become one of the richest in the world in its people of day.


Barnum said.. "Most business people are trying to catch whales using minnows as bait" They threw a small brochures or direct advertising postcards that are not connected to any type of strategy Campaign could not happen, then he gave up and said that direct mail does not work. Nothing could be further from the truth. mail beats the pants off any other methods of marketing and advertising. You will see one of the reasons why our favor following:


Benefit # 9: done correctly, direct mail marketing to do a thorough job of selling. It is like a salesman in an envelope - people who get sick, never complained, never wanted a raise, and operates 24 hours a day. If done correctly, it is worrying - which is exactly what you want. I engaged in business for years before really understand the impact of the word. Direct mail should bother to attract people's attention. Yes, people are still sorting their mail in the trash sometimes do not pay attention to all direct messages they receive; but even more intrusive than other methods, except for the seller directly.


Think about how easy it is to remove your e-mail; You have not even need to read. Direct mail is much more intrusive than email; It gets in the way and drive a wedge little it takes to get the right people to take notice. It seems that everyone is in love with something new, and the old direct mail - that most people ignore. Yes, it is old news, but it works better than any fantastic innovation.


Benefit # 10: Direct mail can make large amounts of money. My company has produced more than $ 150 million in gross revenues mail in 24 years, and my wife and I was the more on average than ever are fulfilled; We will never collect outside the ranks of successful people. But direct mail has been responsible for almost all the millions of dollars that flowed into our small company. Our headquarters is in Goessel, Kansas. If you do not know which is an hour north of Wichita, you will not be able to find it on a map. Yet you can not find it.


Now we like Kansas and passion for our country, but also recognize that it was. It is more or less in the middle of nowhere, and we like that. However, even if we were in a village of a few hundred people, generating millions of dollars in direct mail. This should inspire. This is something that can really make a lot of money.


If there is an activity point more benefit than others unique, it is this: you have to sell more stuff to more people more often for more profit with each transaction. Everything else is details. But these details! You must find ways and means, methods and strategies; and you have to get everything right. But only they sell more to more people more often for more profit per transaction. Direct marketing is a key way to do it. You are in complete control of all aspects of the process.


Yes, there is a learning curve. You must be willing to learn and practice. Try to make it fun and exciting; but even if you do not feel like that about it, just keep your eye on the prize. You can get an incredible amount of money while you learn, and even more when you have mastered direct mail. Not only is there a better way to use the formula a bit to sell more stuff to more people more often for more profits every time mailing.

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