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How to choose a direct mail marketing company

direct mail marketing company

Direct mail marketing is a tough business and if the time to do it is right not to take it, you're wasting time and wasting their money into the mail box empty. In today's economic market, all companies have to spend money on advertising. small businesses need to be extra careful how they spend their advertising dollars. Follow these simple steps, and you should have a successful direct mail marketing campaign.

1. Schedule


Want to get your message out to people who are most likely to need or want what you are offering. The best way is to buy a mailing list very specific. Someone with experience in this vital aid. You need to spend time to talk to an expert on the list to determine who should be the focus. Sort the list of websites without any advice, it is potentially a waste of money.


2. Pieces printed


Next decide what kind of song you want to send. A postcard has been proven to be the most successful. The size of the postcard is the next important step. A small 4x6 cards will not get much attention, but 6x9 or 5 cards 8.5 .5X can not easily be lost in the mail box. colorful pictures or unusual also draw attention to the receiver. Leaflets to give more space to get your message to send you a map. Make sure the front of the steering wheel has a message that attracts people to open it. The letters give a touch more "personal" in your message. Again, you must make sure that there is a message at the front of the envelope that encourage recipients to open. Consider sending a "do" buffer in an envelope with your company name and phone number. It may remain on the desktop beneficiaries for a few weeks and keep your name in hand.


3. Your Message


A lot of thought should go into your message. If you have a family business is mentioned, people want to support the family business. Always they had an offer difficult to refuse or unusual. Make sure that your offer has an expiration date, you want people to act quickly.


4. Calendar


Using common sense to know when to send your mail piece to suit your business. If you are selling holiday items and email before the holiday, it is good for you. If you have a dance studio for adults, summer is probably not a good time for your letter.


5. programming


Sending mail piece probably will not get the results we expect. Try to schedule a delivery to the same list at least once a month for several months. The more people see the name of your business, the better.


Choosing the right company to handle your direct sales advertising project is the first important decision you will ever make. Finding a company that makes a whitelist shopping, design, printing and delivery, under one roof is cost effective important.and. They will ensure that your design is to reduce shipping costs. Being able to pick up the phone and discuss your project with direct mail marketing experts is very valuable.

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