About Unosar

We provide industry leading direct mail marketing services

A great selection of inventory for everyone

Mass distribute your ads based on criteria such as region

Unosar.com has direct mail marketing leads from many countries and mines and captures their data from many different sources. We were purchased by mailbanger.com in early 2016 and our inventory has now amalgamated with theirs.


Interested in being a part of the team?

Would you like to work for Unosar?

Have you worked in the field of data gathering and compiling? Do you have any experience in capturing bulk leads?  If interested please email us at mailbanger@gmx.com with your credentials. 

Bulk list suppliers

We are always looking for owners of websites who want to sell their opt in consumer data (note it must be opt in)

  • must have all data clearly organized
  • proof of verification
  • age is also important, preference will be given to newer leads

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